Persona 5 [PS4 Review]

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Persona 5 [PS4 Review]

Post by NewsBot » 15 May 2017, 17:43

There are a few things I love to have in my JRPG's. Monsters taking the form of creatures from literature/mythology/religion, goofy anime tropes presented in innovative and interesting ways, and smooth jazz. Lucky for me, Persona 5 has all of these in abundance.

You take the role of a nameless and mostly silent protagonist, who's commonly referred to as Joker or 'that guy'. The game opens with a bang as you're thrown headfirst into a casino heist. You have no context for why you're there other than that you're clearly up to no good, stealing something of importance, and the whole casino is after you. There's a brief overview of the mechanics of dungeon crawling and battle before you find yourself quickly surrounded by the police. This is where the story truly begins as you're forced to relay all the events leading up to this moment.

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