Do We Have To ‘Get Good’?

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Do We Have To ‘Get Good’?

Post by NewsBot » 10 Sep 2017, 16:29

I’m sure we’ve all at least heard about, if not seen, the notorious Cuphead gameplay video from VentureBeat. Game journalist Dean Takahashi takes a shot at the game while he was at Gamescom 2017, does an incredibly and hilariously poor job, and the internet proceeds to beat him up over it. Although most people have […]

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Re: Do We Have To ‘Get Good’?

Post by Stoibs » 13 Sep 2017, 05:29

I mean, this is the same guy who failed miserably at and gave a poor review to Mass Effect for being too hard also, because he didn't even know that you could 'Level up' at all.. :roll:
There comes a point where one has to question your competency in any given job when you clearly have no knowledge or passion for the industry field you are trying to work within..

For the individual, then no there's no criteria and everyone is obviously allowed to play at their own pace. If you claim to be a reviewer and hold some sort of journalistic power that may or may not sway how others potentially view or purchase upcoming products however, then yes you ought to have more than 2 brain cells to rub together and be atleast fairly competent at your chosen field of work. This is standard practice I would have thought.

Maybe hand the reigns over to a different colleague in the office if a particular genre comes your way that you know you aren't good at and know you'll probably rage review biasedly and emotionally..?
I don't claim to know how games journalism/workplaces operate but this seems like a better outcome than publically embarrassing oneself and ruining your credibility, not to mention the credibility of any publisher or website you may be associated with.
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