Which Console?

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Which Console?

Post by Kendrite » 04 Apr 2016, 17:15

I know this is a PC gaming site but thought it'd be a good place to get an impartial opinion regarding consoles (for the kids I swear).

My daughter is 7 and my son is 5. Went to a shop and tried the PS4 and XB1, they loved them so it looks like they'll be getting one for their birthday or Christmas.

As I've not owned a console since the PS2 I was hoping for some advice.

I've done some reading up and the conclusion seems to either be pretty much either 50/50 or to go with whichever system has exclusive games you'd like.

Does anyone have one that could advise which might be best for my situation? Do I need to get one with a bigger HDD? I read the XB1 is backwards compatible which means can get some XB360 games that would be cheaper. I'll obviously need a second controller regardless of which I get. Not really interested in the motion control stuff. Wouldn't really be using it as a media center - just gaming.

From what I understand there isn't really a "wrong" choice.

Also is there anywhere that sells them at a decent price? Otherwise I'll wait for them to come on sale somewhere.

Appreciate any feedback or thoughts...
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Re: Which Console?

Post by Mugsy » 04 Apr 2016, 17:32

Nope, this isn't just a PC gaming site... consoles get a fair go... even though most of us game on PC.

I believe PS4 sales are ahead at the moment but I'd go with which ever console has got the exclusives your kids will want to play. I really don't know much about XB1. But PS4 ought to have Little Big Planet which is good for kids. Here's a thread that'll give you some more to think about:

https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comment ... r_kids_we/

Other considerations would be the WiiU or even PS3. The later doesn't need a PSN Plus subscription for online gaming and its got a huge (cheap) library of games already.
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Re: Which Console?

Post by Mythor » 04 Apr 2016, 17:36

Player Attack is not a PC gaming site, we love ALL the gaming things. Always have, always will. :)

As to the advice, do your kids have any friends that already have one system or the other? It's advice that serves well at all ages, both in terms of having people to play multiplayer games with but also for game sharing/trading and the like.

Are there any games you'd like? Are they exclusive to one console or the other? I know if I was considering one right now I would probably get a PS4 for No Man's Sky in June, but maybe you want to play Quantum Break which is an XB1 exclusive.

Otherwise it probably comes down to which one you can get a better deal on. There's some package deals at various times with different games depending on the console, so you might be able to pick up one or the other with a good game or three.

... also, as it's for young kids, have you considered a WiiU instead?
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Re: Which Console?

Post by Disco » 04 Apr 2016, 17:41

Go for whatever your friends have (for online gaming), and/or whatever has the most exclusives that you want - easy :D
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Re: Which Console?

Post by n1cholas » 04 Apr 2016, 18:19

Kendrite wrote:My daughter is 7 and my son is 5.
I don't think for that age group there's much of a difference between the PS4/X1.

Check what consoles if any your children's friends own, they might not be impressed if their friends have say a PS4 and you get them an X1. Playing online is a lot of fun but comes with pitfalls.
Kendrite wrote:Do I need to get one with a bigger HDD?
Since the X1 installs all games 500GB is quickly used up, the actual free space on an X1 HDD is a lot less than the stated capacity due to formatting and the large amount of space the pre-installed software uses. The X1's also use poor quality and slow Blu-ray drives which is one reason games have to installed.

You can use external USB attached storage with the X1 but it's an inelegant solution IMO.

PS4 HDD space is less of an issue as many games just run straight off the Blu-ray drive due to the PS4's Blu-ray drive being better quality and better performing than the X1's Blu-ray drive. You can freely replace the 2.5" HDD in a PS4 with another 2.5" HDD provided it is 9.5mm or slimmer.
Kendrite wrote:I read the XB1 is backwards compatible which means can get some XB360 games that would be cheaper.
The X1's Xbox 360 compatibility performance is variable. A lot of games suffer from FPS low, FPS fluctuation and/or stuttering issues. Often poor filtering which makes textures look worse than when the same game is played on an Xbox 360. Often games that had FPS fluctuation, low FPS and/or stuttering issues on the Xbox 360 itself can be neigh unplayable on the X1.
Kendrite wrote:From what I understand there isn't really a "wrong" choice.
With children the wrong choice is often if you get them one console and all their friends have a different console so they can't play online with their friends.
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Re: Which Console?

Post by Matty » 04 Apr 2016, 20:09

Disco wrote:Go for whatever your friends have (for online gaming), and/or whatever has the most exclusives that you want - easy :D
This is pretty much all you'd need to sway your decision. If your kids friends are all on a certain platform and deciding if want to play Uncharted or Forza.
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Re: Which Console?

Post by Dexterians » 05 Apr 2016, 08:22

The best answer to the good old WHICH CONSOLE question is simply this;

What exclusives/games appeal to you more? Go for that console.
Otherwise, they're all as good as each other.

Nintendo is always a classic - especially for family/kids/casual games.
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Re: Which Console?

Post by Kendrite » 05 Apr 2016, 08:25

Thanks everyone, you've been a great help.
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Re: Which Console?

Post by Otto-matic Reiffel » 05 Apr 2016, 17:20

If the choice is still 50/50 after the above advice, I'd go with the PS4 due to larger installed user base generally meaning more games overall.
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