Bethesda first persons @ E3

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Bethesda first persons @ E3

Post by Mugsy » 13 Jun 2016, 20:57

I'm so hoping the new Quake is good...

And the new Prey does look pretty sweet too...

And a pretty good lowdown on other Bethesda first person games here...

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CherryRed wrote:
02 Dec 2018, 21:33
It'll look amazing shoved up his ass if he doesn't actually learn to play the fucking thing.

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Re: Bethesda first persons @ E3

Post by phylum » 14 Jun 2016, 00:34

No news post here about a new Quake game makes me sad.

I made an opinion/reaction vid about the Quake trailer, and feel kind of dirty for it. No yelling or screaming though, just a regular Quake player's take on it:

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Re: Bethesda first persons @ E3

Post by Mythor » 14 Jun 2016, 01:17

The Quake news is in the roundup here: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=1442
There's nothing more to say, really. There's not even any gameplay to show, just a handful of details so far. Wait for Quakecon!
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