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Titanfall | 2

Posted: 29 Oct 2016, 09:25
by Dexterians
Anyone else been playing this?
I know battlefield 1 is out and all - but since starting this up I've almost forgot Battlefield 1 even came out..

Got Titanfall 2 on Xbox One - I am absolutely loving it. Past few days it's all I've been playing. It's a very good remake of the original Titanfall. I use the word remake because Titanfall 2 seems to have done away with what you knew about the universe in Titanfall 1 (literally scrap whatever you knew from that multiplayer story campaign). They literally do this;

Titanfall 1 never happened.

My first impression of the game was "what have they done!??" as I very much loved Titanfall 1 I thought I'd be able to pick up Titanfall 2 and be on my merry way but was surprised to find there was a new learning curve (not a major curve but a curve nonetheless). As I continued to play it and wrapped my head around the new mechanics (and there are a few) it all just felt so right and I found myself really really enjoying it. The changes they've made to the Titans and Pilots are very welcomed (imo). There's a new multiplayer mode called "Bounty", it's a bit of fun, it almost feels MOBA-ish but it isn't. Basically you kill AI for cash, that cash can get stolen by other players - the objective is to collect as much cash and bank it, first team to 5000 wins. You can only bank the cash after the AI of that round is all dead or all bounties claimed. If you kill a player you get 50% of what they are carrying. Not banking your cash in the time frame can be dangerous to you and your team as you have to survive another round and wait for the banks to open so you can deposit those points.

Rodeoing Titans isn't the same. When you first jump on an enemy Titan you remove it's battery - this battery removes a portion of health. If you then jump back on to the Titan your pilot will throw a grenade down the empty battery socket - it usually takes a few rodeo's to take down a Titan (depending on the titan class) - HOWEVER - pilots aren't as weak towards Titan's anymore. Titan's are quite vulnerable as they don't have a regenerating shield anymore so pilots using their anti-titan weapons can be effective - and this new titan vulnerability is where batteries come in to play, if you steal a battery from an enemy titan and put it in to your own or a teammates titan they get given an overshield. If a pilot takes a battery from your titan and you manage to kill that pilot you can then pick up your battery and put it back in to your titan to receive some of the lost HP back (you dont get an overshield putting your own battery back in). It's cool, it's like having a little mini game within your game, every moment feel engaging.

Each Pilot class, each Titan class, each Weapon all have their own levelling system so you always feel like you're working towards something.

If you're thinking whether you should get the new Call of Duty or this game, I would highly recommend Titanfall 2.

Best of all, all DLC in this game will be free!!
Some of you might know my rantings about how DLC separates the player base and yadda yadda - so when I heard this I was so happy.
One of very few games that isn't released with a Season Pass.

Re: Titanfall | 2

Posted: 26 Nov 2016, 02:33
by Ralph Wiggum
I ended up getting a price matched copy for $35 from EB games. My mates were raving about the game so I gave it a crack. The campaign is solid, teaching me the ins and outs, and the graphics are pretty.

I only had one go at MP and got my ass whooped, and have no idea on all the bonuses, customisations, etc. But with some mates, it'll sounds like fun.

Re: Titanfall | 2

Posted: 27 Nov 2016, 13:39
by Dexterians
Yeah you can get it heaps cheap with this sale on console games over at Target.
Most games between 50-60% off only for this weekend (25th-28th Nov).

Did you pick it up on PC or Console?

Re: Titanfall | 2

Posted: 27 Nov 2016, 13:50
by Ralph Wiggum
PS4 so I could play with my mates.