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Evochron Legacy

Posted: 26 Jan 2016, 14:27
by DarkMellie
This is a series that's apparently been around in some shape or form for 30 years. I first heard of it a few iterations back when I saw a youtube shot of someone going from space to planet without any loading screens. I downloaded the demo, spent 5 minutes starting at the cockpit wondering how to fly it and gave up.

The latest in the series is here, and Legacy is an absolute gem. In true sandbox style, there's a minimalist campaign to follow and outside of that you can trade, fight, pirate, explore and build (yes, build!!). There's multiplayer also so this could be a great one with friends.

* detailed knowledge of your readouts required which will itself take memorising maybe 30 keyboard commands
* actual Newtonian physics... if you turn off your intertia dampeners you could easily get up to 100,000km/s. Just remember that you'll need to expend as much fuel as you did accelerating to return yourself in the other direction... exactly as Newton had intended
* massive, massive galaxy to explore
* works with TrackIR and controls best with mouse/keys (although can use joysticks, controllers or keyboards only)
* mod-friendly, expect a lot of tweaks and new experiences from other players
* planetary approaches are a blast

* long time spent learning stuff. I've only put in 2 hours and can now fly between stations and do basic missions but combat feels a long way in front of me
* graphically it aint that pretty (but pretty enough, it's space after all) but you have to keep in mind it's primarily had only ONE developer for its entire lifetime (current team of 4 supporting this release).


Re: Evochron Legacy

Posted: 27 Jan 2016, 13:01
by GamingKen
Downloaded the demo for this from the official website last night (holy fuck it was slow, sent me to gamershell to get it) and will be giving it a shot tonight. It really does look pretty damn amazing.

Re: Evochron Legacy

Posted: 28 Jan 2016, 00:00
by DarkMellie
H'okay, joined a multiplayer server just for giggles and have been busily jumping across the galaxy and doing odd jobs. Fairly easy to make money, particularly selling missiles (apparently) but I'm just doing contracts and the odd bit of mining.

Fairly embarrassed just now when I realised I could massively upgrade my main components (engine, shield and tractor beam) but accidentally jettisoned my tractor beam... in a station that doesn't sell them... and I need a tractor beam to pick it back up again.

I think I'm almost ready to try some combat but might watch a few tutorial vids so far. Certainly I seem to have navigation and trading under control.

Also, love how easily it works with TrackIR because as ever, it adds a whole other level of awesome to everything it touches.

Keep me updated with how you're finding it, Meare?