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Dawn of War 3: What I currently know

Posted: 09 Mar 2017, 01:06
by BradBurning
Dawn of War 3 is coming out April 28th.

So what do we know about the next installment in this juggernaut in the RTS scene?

Launching with 3 Races: Marines, Eldar and Ork.

Single player: Will be a single campaign that has players playing a different faction each mission progressing what I believe is one common story line.

Multiplayer: Launching with just the one new game mode, Power core that can have comparisons drawn to Mobas. The mode has each team with one power core, 2 turrets out from it and then two shield generators out from each turret. Its not necessary to destroy any of the other buildings before the power core, but it definitely helps.

Currently the game looks to have 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3. Missing out on 4v4 seen previously in the series and other relic games.

Game play changes: The board strokes are as follows:
- Population cap of 250 (so huge armies!)
- Cover system is completely gone,
- Bush mechanics similar to LoL,
- Shield domes around the map,
- no retreat mechanic,
- no turrets,
- the additions of elite units.

As we saw with Dawn of War 2, Dawn of War 3 is essentially a reinvestment of the game and not just an upgraded game like we saw with Company of Heroes. DoW3 from what we have seen so far has every unit looking expendable in what looks to be meat grinder combat of the largest armies we have seen in the series. In the previous games you where looking to maneuver and push people out of cover to win combat, now you are looking to make sure your units are attacking what they counter and really focusing on making the most of your elite units.

Quick note the game does still feature command points and now has a new one that is just for the generation of Elite points that are required to bring out your elite units. You can still put listening posts on them and upgrade them generate more of the games resources (Requisition and power). What's important to note though is the game now has less points over the map.

For people who know Relics games well you will know about their games up keep model, which has been replaced for DoW3 to now have what is know as escalation phases. I'm not 100% with how these work exactly, but the basic jist is there are 3 of them and the game automatically progresses to the next phase at 10 and 20 minutes into the game.

- Escalation phase 1: Units refund 25% of cost on death (don't know if this figure is correct it could be higher or lower and there may be other things in this phase),
- Escalation phase 2: Units refund 15% of cost on death, +50% add-on resources, +50% objective structure health, +25% listening post health,
- Escalation phase 3: Units refund 5% of cost on death, +100% add-on resources, +100% objective structure health, +50% listening post health

So early on you're not as punished for losing units, I do wonder how the economics of is it better to loose units or reinforce them and does it change latter in the game. Then later in the game you have an abundance of resources so it will come down to who can spend it fastest and keep the pressure on.

Re: Dawn of War 3: What I currently know

Posted: 17 Mar 2017, 11:33
by Mini
Weird that the game is only a month or so away and so little is actually being said about it.
Too many other big name games at the moment?
Will be good to get back into the universe, been playing DoW2 again recently and attempting to go through the retribution campaign in co-op

Re: Dawn of War 3: What I currently know

Posted: 20 Apr 2017, 13:27
by Mini
Multiplayer Beta this weekend.
I have it downloaded and ready to lose lots of games, will attempt to get some sort of idea of the game and write something up.

Anyone else get an invite?